Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants should be able to: 

  • Define “compassion fatigue” (CF) and “vicarious trauma” (VT);

  • Identify signs and symptoms of CF and VT;

  • Implement coping skills to treat CF and VT; and,

  • Access resources that target CF and VT.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Pre-Test

    • CoC Handouts

    • Introduction

    • What is it?

    • Who is at risk?

    • What are the signs and symptoms?

    • What can you do?

    • COVID-19 Pandemic

    • Post-Test

    • CoC Handouts

    • MaslachScoringAbbreviated

    • ProQOL_5_English_Self-Score - A w

    • Vicarious-Resilience-Scale

    • Workshop Evaluation


This on-demand webinar includes video content, PDF slide handout, and downloadable resources.